2017 Syraph, (PORT)


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2017 Syraph (Port Style Wine)


Varietals: Syrah, Petite Sirah

Vineyard: Shokrian

Region: Santa Barbara, CA


A Shokrian Vineyard designate co-fermentation of Syrah and Petite Sirah with it’s fermentation arrested by adding brandy to the must. The natural residual sugar content and the high alcohol content essentially preserve the wine, allowing it to age much longer than most dry wines. The jaminess of the Petite Sirah works well with the meatiness and spiciness of the Syrah, making this an awesome hedonistic sipper to have with dessert or with a good cigar.


New Release TN’s:

Date Tasted: August, 2021

Color: Dark purple.

Nose: Dark fruit, coastal golden grassland.

Mouth: Good acidity/sweetness, cassis, rhubarb, sun cured olives, subtle cardamom and baking spices.

Additional Notes: 

  • Best enjoyed with a cigar and/or desserts 
  • Drink now through eternity

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