2017 Petite Sirah


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2017 Petite Sirah:

Varietal: Petite Sirah

Vineyard: Shokrian

Region: Cat Canyon Corridor, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara, CA

Bottle Size: 750ml

Our first varietal Petite Sirah. Petite Sirah has been part of California’s wine grape heritage from very early on, in the late 1800’s. DNA analysis has revealed that it is also known as the French grape Durif and is the offspring of Syrah and Peloursin. Petite Sirah tends to make some of the darkest, most powerful wines in the world and is generally used as a blending component to add color and tannin. It usually does not display the complexity of Syrah but there are exceptions to the rule. Our Petite is from Shokrian Vineyard which is a relatively cool site and has sand dune soil. The Petite vines here are twisted, gnarly little head trained vines on a slope and produce small yields. True to form, our Petite Sirah has very dark color, classic blueberry and blackberry  notes  and powerful tannins. The cooler climate shows a more elegant aromatic profile than warmer climate Petite Sirah tends to have and has a nervy, tart forest blackberry note .

New Release TN’s:

Date Tasted: August, 2020

Color: Dark purple magenta

Nose: sun cured olive, distinct blackberry jam, hint of coconut 

Mouth: juicy with awesome tannin, black fruit jam. Incense. Shares a lot of Syrah’s pepper notes. Tremendous fine tannin

Additional Notes:

  • Enjoy with rich, fatty umami/salty meat dishes. The acidity and tannin should work well to counter the richness.
  • Decant ½ hour before drinking
  • Drink Now – 2028

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